New Announcement!

Pop’d Kerns™   is now being offered at all 450 Holiday Gas stations!  The 3.5oz bags are located by the corn nuts and chex Mix.

We are also hoping to release our sweet flavor in the next 2 months. Follow us on Facebook for new store locations and updates on Pop’d Kerns™

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Pop’d Kerns™ is increasing store locations!

We at Pop’d Kerns™ have been working vigorously the last few months to increase the distribution to more stores!  We have been attending food shows across the United States and have talked to numerous store chains.  You can now find Pop’d Kerns™ in the following stores…

  • All 6 locations of Sunset Foods in Chicago IL
  • 9 Cash Wise stores in Minnesota
  • 11 Coborn’s stores in Minnesota
  • All 6 Trig’s grocery stores in Wisconsin
  • All 14 Woodman’s Foods in Wisconsin and IL
  • All Lunds & Byerly’s in Minnesota
  • Marshall’s and TJ Maxx

We will be announcing more store chains in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!

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Pop’d Kerns Launches new Website, Facebook, and Twitter Account!

Pop’d Kerns™ launched its website today! We also launched a new Facebook page.  You can also now follow us on twitter at @Popdkerns.  We look forward to interacting with Pop’d Kerns™ fans and keeping our fans updated on the latest happenings.

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Pop’d Kerns Gets A Makeover

News Update….. Today is the first day we are packaging Pop’d Kerns™ (formerly Glad Corn®) in the new packaging! The NEW packaging graphics and name look great and we are excited to see the product on the shelf. We are very proud to be launching this new packaging, name, and website and look forward to everyone trying the New Pop’d Kerns™ brand. If Pop’d Kerns™ is currently not being sold in your local grocery or convenience store contact the manager and ask them to carry Pop’d Kerns™ or buy it online.

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Cool Ranch Flavor Launched!

We have decided to add a Cool Ranch flavor to our variety mix of Pop’d Kerns™ corn snacks. We listened to our customers and leveraged market research to help us develop a cool ranch recipe which is sure to deliver on flavor and crunch. We carefully tested a variety of ranch recipes before launching and decided on a perfect blend of cool ranch and seasoning. Be sure to try out this wonderful NEW ranch flavor, which will be available in stores starting in early April. Look for this flavor along with all Pop’s Kerns™ varieties at your local retailers or wholesale outlets.

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Introducing Pop’d Kerns!

It was decided today that we will be changing the name Glad Corn® to Pop’d Kerns™. A six week case study was done on the salty snack industry and focus groups were conducted and it was decided that a name that was more descriptive of the product was needed. This salty corn snack is unique and different. We needed something that not only described the product but the name and had to be unique and different as well. Many names were considered, but it was decided that Pop’d Kerns™ was the name that stood out the most. We are excited to grow the Pop’d Kerns™ brand!

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