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The storybook discovery of Pop'd KernsTM (formerly Glad Corn) is nearly as amazing as the product itself. The tale began with a rural Minnesota farmer and his wife, regular folks living in a small, close-knit community where the man grew corn and soybeans on his family farm. This hardworking farmer also happened to be a dreamer and a problem solver. He had a desire to learn more about alternative energy sources, and this eventually led him to do some experimenting. One quiet night on the farm, he was in the kitchen working on a new ethanol fuel recipe while his wife was catching up on some reading in the living room. He stepped out of the kitchen for a moment while a batch heated up on the stove. Suddenly — KABOOM! They both came running immediately and found exploded corn all over the kitchen! Being the inquisitive type, the farmer was more interested in tasting the pop'd corn than cleaning up the mess. While it didn't look like much, he discovered that it was about the best tasting stuff he'd ever eaten!

Once friends and neighbors had heard the story and tasted the results, all were convinced that this couple was definitely onto something BIG! One friend came up with the product name and behold — the GLAD CORN® brand A-Maize-ing Corn Snack was born!

Today this uniquely delicious salty corn snack is starting the next chapter in its incredible journey. Sporting a new name and a fresh new face (packaging), Pop'd KernsTM is quickly expanding into new markets and locations where more people will be able to experience its unique, natural goodness.

The discovery of Pop'd KernsTM was a stroke of good fortune for salty snack lovers everywhere. The unique explosion of flavor and crunch in this irresistible snack sensation is still as much of a delight today as the day it was invented.

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Add some zip to your day with the zesty flavor of Barbecue combined with the amazingly distinctive Pop'd KernsTM crunch.

Savor the flavor of our mouth-watering cheddar variety — packed with Pop'd KernsTM famous crunch — it’s sure to bring out the cheese-lover in you!
Experience the mouth-watering goodness of our classic, and still most popular flavor, combined with the Pop'd KernsTM perfect crunch.
Relish the irresistibly rich taste of cool Ranch while you encounter the extraordinary crunch that’s unique to Pop'd KernsTM salty corn snacks.

Plain and simple. I LOVE Pop'd Kerns!
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